Yeah, you can put it on that!


We mean it: our sauces, syrups, and jams are meant to be integrated into your treasured recipes. You may have liked your favorite dish before, but when you add the spicy pop of Haht Sahs to the mix, well, we think you may get hooked. If spice is your thing, use the Haht Saht line as daily condiments.


Below are some ideas on how to taste the sauces, so you can start your own Haht Sahs adventure.


Are you a Foodie? Have fun experimenting! 



Haht Sahs - HOT: Chipotle, Habanero, Jalapeno, Roasted Vegetables & Papaya


  • Taste a teaspoon full and experience the flavors

  • Get a block of Parmigiano-Reggiano, break off a piece and dip it in.

  • Cook wings until crispy. Sauté a 1/2 stick of butter with a cup of Chipotle Papaya and toss.

  • Try with sushi instead of soy & wasabi.

  • Use as a salad dressing or pour over sautéd vegetables or pasta.

  • Try with eggs instead of salsa. Great with Eggs Rancheros.

  • Grill or cook ribs, pork, beef, or chicken and pour Chipotle Papaya over for extra don't need to cook with a lot of salt if using Haht Sahs - Chipotle Papaya.

  • Pour in salsa or guacamole or use it in place of salsa with chips.

  • Delicious over grilled tofu with mint.

  • Mix with Tuna & Quinoa.

  • Mix with Sour Cream for an alternative to Crack Sauce (Sirachi & Mayo)



Haht Jam!:  A velvety mix of Habanero, Strawberry, Blueberry, and Apple, with Orange Liquer & Tequila


  • Not your average jam - easy to pour over anything.

  • Taste a teaspoon full and experience the flavors

  • Make a Baked Brie - recipe on the blog

  • Delicious over polenta.

  • Pour over ice cream, whipped cream and cookies

  • Rub over a ham and bake.

  • Make a martini with Vodka Citron with 2 tablespoons of Haht Jam! - shake, strain and drink up.


Haht Syrup: Oranges & Chipotle Peppers, with a hint of Vanilla


  • Taste a teaspoon full and experience the flavors.

  • Replace or mix with your Maple syrup.

  • Pour over a bowl of rice for a sweet & spicy sensation.

  • Pour it over eggs and sausage.

  • Pour it over ice cream, whipped cream and cookies - Add it to a warm smores creation.

  • Check out the Recipe Blog for an alcohol indused Agua De Sandia

  • Add it to your hot cocoa for a new flavor sensation.

Featured Recipes:

HahtMess Shot

2 shots of a premium vodka or tequila

1 shot mango juice

1 tbsp. Haht Sahs MEDIUM

Pour into a cold mixing glass, add 4 cubes of ice, and shake. Put this aside to chill, while you complete the next steps.


Get two plates.

Plate 1: 1 tbsp. agave nectar

Plate 2: 1 tbsp. white or rock sugar
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper


Mix the dry ingredients well with a spoon.
Touch the entire rim of a shot glass in the agave nectar,  then do the same in the sugar/cayenne mix.
Shake the liquid mix again and pour through a fine strainer into each shot glass. Makes 2.

NOTE: You can also bypass the sugar/cayenne rim and just drink the goodness!



Shredded Spicy Chicken or Grilled Tofu Wraps

This recipe can be made with any of the Haht Sahs Products depending on your taste mood: Medium, Hot, Jam or Syrup.


2 cups  of grilled hard tofu or shredded chicken (white or dark)

1 cup lettuce (romaine or mixed greens)

3 tbs Haht Sahs

Add Salt, or pepper, or garlic salt or red pepper flakes to taste

2 tortilla wraps any flavor


Mix your chicken with 3 tablespoons of any one of the Haht Sahs products. 

Chop up the lettuce.

Spread the chicken mix into the tortilla and cover with the lettuce. Add salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste.

Roll up tightly. If making a few wraps to share, cut in 1" slices for a few circles and arrange nicely on a plate.