Like many great things, the creation of Haht Sahs came at a time of dire foodie need…

One day Chris came home from a fishing trip and presented Trace with the most beautiful tuna. It cried out for something to pleasantly contrast its mild, subtle flavor. However, a disturbing revelation was coming to pass:  there would not be enough wasabi and soy sauce to sustain the short-term need for sashimi enjoyment. So, they cast their gaze upon their home garden where they procured an array of herbs, vegetables, peppers, and added a little chef magic.

The resulting matrix was born "Haht Sahs" - pronounced Hot Sauce - and it handily saved dinner. It also did something more: it proved to be remarkably versatile in the kitchen. Haht Sahs, quickly morphed into a gourmet line of spicy products, infusing fruits and peppers that will intrigue any foodie's palate. Its varied possibilities function extremely well as a dip or daily condiment, and even found a way to give sophisticated cocktails a little kick in the glass. For those of you who prefer a Vegan life-style - we listened. Certain Haht Sahs products are now Vegan Certified, so everyone can enjoy the vibrant flavor. 

Since modern culinary science seems to enjoy Haht Sahs, we decided to open a carry-out store for research and development in North Plainfield, NJ near the Watchung Circle. It turns out people really loved our sauces. This location would be known as a watering hole for all of the modern culinary connoisseurs looking to taste test the products by way of good sandwiches and hearty salads adorned with Haht Sahs. The crowd favorite was Ghost Pepper Relish that many of our customers used to even customize their own sandwich or salad. Everything is spicy, but we tell everyone: You can get it Haht or Naht. 

After a wonderfully sahsy time at the Marketplace, we have pivoted to go strictly online, allowing us to share our sauces with people across the country. We thank all our incredible customers, local businesses, and especially the North Plainfield Police Department (NPPD) and North Plainfield Fire Department (NPFD) for keeping us going. We cannot thank the NPPD and NPFD for their support, we love you equally! 

A Moment of Crisis Inspires a Revolution in Condiment History