Haht Sahs Products



Haht Sahs products are now Certified Vegan. We care about what goes into our products, and since we have a few family members who are Vegan, we wanted to make sure they could be confident in taste-testing our recipes. With that said, our customers range from vegans to carnivores and we thank you for enjoying our products.


As you look at the Haht Sahs product labels, you will see that we don't use many preservatives. We are a small batch company and our chef creates each batch to perfection. You may get a smokier syrup at times due to the chipotle peppers, but variations should be pretty consistent. 


Once you place your order, you will be officially a Haht Head. 


Welcome to the Haht-Side and thanks for being a part of the growing Haht Family.



...When it POURS, it REIGNS.