A much needed kick in the glass. This innovative drink mix is a blend of fresh strawberries, habaneros & lime, like no other. Try it in seltzer, and/or OJ. Also consider Vodka & Tequila... (16 oz. / Serving size is 1-2 ounces)
Our infusion of roasted vegetables with habaneros, chipotle peppers, and sweet papaya brings delicious flavor to any food you love. Use this as a daily condiments for a pleasant kick of flavor.  (12 oz.)
Get 'em while they're Haht (and sweet). We took peanuts, almonds, and cashews and drizzled them in our sweet and spicy Orange Chipotle Syrup. Try a few for yourself before they're gone!  (8 oz.)
A new kind of Jam! We take a sweet blend of strawberries, apples and berries, and mix them with habaneros,  cayenne and orange liqueur for an amazing pourable taste sensation.Great with Baked Brie.  (9 oz.)
A velvety pourable mix of fresh pineapple, mango, and habaneros. Great as a sweet addition to salads, quinoa, pork loin, fish. Try, pouring it over pie or ice cream....or just eat it out of the jar... (90z.)
Spicy Cocoa has a sweet and spicy kick with 100% amber cocoa and a non-dairy "creamer". This is our fav. It's great any time of day. Whip cream on top makes it even better. (9 oz.)

At the Haht Company,  we believe everything's better with a little spicy kick. The creators of Haht Sahs expanded their artisinal products with the Haht-Head community in mind. It takes a special palate to understand the delicious flavor combinations of spicy and sweet.  

Only organic sugar and fresh ingredients are used with few preservatives. Be creative, plus check out the blog and social media for tasting ideas. Thanks for helping to grow the Haht-Head Community! Come on over to the Haht-side and see what great things you can make with the Haht Company line of products!

Our triple infused Orange Chipotle (with a hint of vanilla) Syrup is destined to be drizzled over anything you’ve got, giving a smokey sweet citrus hit to pancakes & waffles, bacon, poultry veggies and even salad dressing.  (8 oz.)
You've been warned: "Spicy ahoy!". But there's a tinge of sweet so it won't over power. Our ghost peppers soak for 30 days, creating a spicy vinegar that's the perfect addition to your recipes. Tip: we love it on fish and chips...  (5 oz)

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